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Virtual Decoration, AR & VR

Mushroom’s Solution for Virtual Decoration is to increase the top-line of retail / boutique customers using Augmented Reality to do live scene re-creation using 3D representation of actual in-store products. We leverage VR / AR technology is to enhance the user experience and additional revenue generation by engaging customers in a virtual fashion that they can obtain the similar in-store experience, enhanced visualizations clubbed with realistic integration of 3D viewing capabilities.

Mushroom’s Solution for Virtual Decoration
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Mushroom Solutions is at the forefront of virtual decoration technology, offering a unique solution that can help increase the top-line of retail and boutique customers. Using augmented reality, Mushroom Solutions allows customers to do live scene re-creation using 3D representations of actual in-store products.

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Mushroom Solutions offers a number of benefits for retail and boutique customers by using 3D model engineering, augmented reality, and object detection, Mushroom Solutions provides a unique and engaging shopping experience that can help increase sales and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.

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Process Overview

Mushroom Solutions works by using a combination of 3D model engineering, augmented reality, and object detection technology. We create 3D models of the products that will be used in the augmented reality experience.

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Technologies & Techniques

Mushroom Solutions utilizes several key technologies to provide its virtual decoration service, These technologies are used together to create a seamless and realistic virtual decoration experience for customers, allowing them to visualize products in their own space before making a purchase.

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Use Cases

Mushroom Solutions has a wide range of use cases that can be used in various industries. The technology can be adapted to suit the specific needs of different businesses and organizations, making it a versatile and powerful tool for virtual decoration.

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Mushroom Solutions works by creating 3D models of products, integrating them into an augmented reality experience using object detection technology, and allowing customers to view the experience on their own devices. This allows customers to see how the products would look in their own space, giving them a better sense...

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