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Mushroom IoT Hub with Supermaro Edge Servers

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Mushroom Solutions & Supermicro Computer, Inc Transforming Industries Together

About Supermicro

At Mushroom Solutions, we are dedicated to pioneering transformative solutions through the convergence of IoT capabilities and cutting-edge Data Analytics and AI/ML expertise. Today, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC., a leader in advanced server technology and green computing. 


Together, Mushroom Solutions and SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC. Β are on a mission to revolutionize industries by combining Mushroom IoT Hub’s comprehensive IoT platform with SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC. ‘s state-of-the-art server technology. This collaboration marks a significant step towards harnessing the full potential of connected ecosystems.

Supermicro and Mushroom Solutions Inc. collaborate to offer Industrial Edge, AI / ML solutions, which comprise the following Supermicro products:








Mushroom IoT Hub

Energy Meter Dashboard

Energy Meter Dashboard

Key Initiatives

Integration Excellence

Merging Mushroom IoT Hub with SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC. 's advanced servers to create a seamless and powerful infrastructure for data processing.

Synergies for Deeper Insights

Leveraging Mushroom IoT Hub's diverse data streams and SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC. 's processing power for extracting meaningful patterns, anomaly detection, and trend forecasting.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Developing tailored innovations across various sectors, from smart manufacturing to precision agriculture, combining Mushroom Solutions' proficiency in Data Analytics and AI/ML with SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC. 's computing prowess.

Predictive Maintenance and Optimization

Pioneering predictive maintenance models that utilize Mushroom IoT Hub's data streams and SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC. 's computing capabilities to increase operational efficiency.

AI-Driven Personalization and Insights

Delivering personalized experiences and insights by combining Mushroom IoT Hub's rich data streams with SUPERMICRO COMPUTER, INC. 's advanced server technology.

Ethical Data Use and Security

Upholding the highest standards of data ethics and security, ensuring responsible handling of sensitive information across our IoT, Data Analytics, and AI/ML applications.

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Join Us in Shaping the Future

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of innovation. Our collaborative framework fosters innovation, knowledge exchange, and shared resources, creating an environment conducive to Innovative solutions.

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